The Therapy Journey by Nelly

The process of getting therapy can often be a journey in itself. It isn’t always an easy process from taking the leap to finding a therapist to suit your needs. Many individuals have a hard time seeking out help due to the stigma that surrounds the conversation of mental health. It is difficult to seek […]

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Lioness Woman by Takierra

“Keep your head down, and only speak when spoken to.”  I’ve heard this one too many times and it’s influenced most of my decisions as a young woman. Never wanting to give an opinion because it made no difference and never making eye contact because I believed I was inferior to men. I was under […]

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The Watcher by Darcie G

The world is filled with regrets and sorrows  She feels it as she watches from the  sidelines in silence The girl with the beautiful hair is broken. The man with the beard is angry The little girl is happy She feels the crowd as they walk without sense of purpose She knows faces with masks […]

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