My Life After YASI

Jasmine (left) is one of the founders of the Rise and Shine Campaign. The campaign educates communities about sexual abuse and sexual assault. Jasmine and her teammates developed an online platform to spread awareness and provide resources for survivors.

In the short time passed upon completing the Youth Advocacy Summer Institute program, also known as YASI, I have really grown and excelled both professionally and personally. YASI allowed me to gain experience in the field of social services and opened pathways for me to further excel. During my time with YASI, I attended an anti-bullying fair and interacted with many different organizations at that time. From this, I realized how much I enjoyed the opportunity to network with others and enjoyed learning about other individuals and their missions and perspectives in life.

For that reason, I have begun participating much more in activities hosted in school and within my community. For example, this week I will be attending a workshop advocating against domestic violence and networking with different organizations. Moreover, I was able to use my experiences and accomplishments from YASI to earn a position as an intake intern in a nonprofit organization in East Harlem, New York.

So today, I juggle many activities as I work to complete my academic journey and begin a professional career in social work. I am managing a part-time sales floor associate position in retail and a part-time intake intern at the nonprofit organization as I maintain my status as a full-time student at York College.

I am finishing my final semester as an undergraduate student and I often reflect on the benefits of experience I have gained from programs such YASI and I am so grateful to use these opportunities as stepping stones towards my actual career. I am proud of the person I am becoming but I know I am not nearly finished growing yet.

I wish nothing but the best of luck to myself and to all my YASI peers and supervisors, I remember and miss everyone!

During her internship at YASI, Jasmine had the opportunity to work with the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest’s mental health crisis outreach program.

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