Change, Fear, and Self-Care By: Rachel Bai

There has been a lot of panic due to the coronavirus. There are no longer any in-person classes and schools have been closed. People are no longer traveling to work if it is not necessary. Personally, I am now working from home and my college classes are now all online. I am supposed to graduate in May and many students are questioning whether there will even be a commencement or if we will just get our diplomas mailed to us. I have also had plans with friends cancelled because of fears of the virus. We planned to go out for dinner near Herald Square, but my friend’s mom warned her against going into Manhattan, so we never met up. 

My parents have been very cautious about germs since they are older and therefore more vulnerable. They always have hand sanitizer on them and have urged my brother and I to be mindful of touching things in public. We have some disposable face masks from before the virus (to avoid breathing in dust while cleaning the house) that my mom has been using. They have even resorted to making their own reusable face masks. I visit my maternal grandparents at least once a week and have still been doing that, but contact has been limited to just dropping off food. My paternal grandparents went back to China in November to visit family and friends. According to them, the chinese government was not letting anyone outside without a face mask. They limited their amount of going out to just once a week for groceries. Now, they are going out more and people in their area seem more relaxed and less fearful of the virus. 

While we are all treading this uncharted territory, it is important to keep self care in mind. I have been doing bodyweight exercises and yoga at home. I have also been going on walks at the park to get out of the house. My brother has been playing video games and watching YouTube. My mom has been watching netflix and meditating. My grandparents have been watching television and reading to pass the time. As for working from home, it is important to schedule breaks so that you can avoid overworking. Remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones by reminding them to self care as well.

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