Pandemic Mayhem By: Jennifer Hernandez

by Jennifer Hernandez

While during this pandemic, I am trying to remain as calm as possible and only think positive thoughts. I can’t help and notice the people around me. Many are losing their jobs, xenophobia on trains, people fighting over hand sanitizer and toilet paper. This pandemic isn’t bringing the best out in people, the empathy and sharing part of us is slowly fading away.

While I am fortunate enough to still have a job, schoolwork and family responsibilities are making it really hard in taking care of my mental health. From taking care of my younger siblings to online classes starting on the same day with the same deadline for assignments. I haven’t totally disregarded my self-care, from taking longer naps and spending more time with my loved ones. I also have been dancing to 90’s playlist on Spotify, I definitely recommended Ricky Martin and the Spice Girls.  Hopefully, anyone who ends up reading this post is staying safe and being compassionate because a small act of kindness can go a long way.



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