College Seniors–Why Are We Upset? By: Monia Begum

For college students that were supposed to graduate this year– we are upset!

College seniors worldwide have worked hard for the last couple of years to get to where they are today. Just to find out that our graduation ceremony has been CANCELLED!

College is a big deal for a lot of students. This may be our first degree in the U.S, our first in the family, a great accomplishment after years of dreading going to class, etc. We never thought that when we reached the finish line, there wouldn’t be a celebration for us. It almost feels surreal that this can happen.

What about all the senior events we were looking forward to? We decided, “let’s do the hard classes first and relax and enjoy campus life on our last year!”, to find out we can’t anymore. The senior bbq– canceled. The spring fling– canceled. The home game we wanted to attend this year– canceled. Attending that movie night with that club we meant to be active in– canceled. Everything we hoped to do, have been limited to the bed in our bedrooms.

Although we understand the situation at hand, some of us were looking forward to walking up on the stage after getting our names called or throwing our hats up. Most important was moving our tassels to the left. We wanted to take our last pictures with friends and families who stood by us through our 4+ years. What about saying goodbye to our favorite professors? And bidding the campus farewell before we head home (which can sometimes mean “back to the country of our birth”). Some of us just wanted a day to flare off our cap and gown and the fake paper diploma that they give us.

I want to take this time to personally congratulate all of us for making it this far. CONGRATULATIONS TO US!! In a few months, even if we can’t stand under confetti and throw our caps in the air for the world to see, we know we made it!

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