Motivation During COVID-19 BY: Maria Bonilla

During the middle of March, it was announced that classes would be held online. Soon after, distance learning became the norm for the entire country. As someone who learns better in class with no distractions in reach, distance learning has become a challenge. During the past few weeks, there have been many obstacles for not only me but many other students to overcome. For one, being home has changed my sleeping schedule drastically. Being home all day has caused a lack of motivation in waking up early for class or even giving my all to the assignments assigned to me. As the weeks have gone by, I have adjusted to being quarantined from the outside world and being at home with my family. Although it is close to the end of the semester, many people have felt like we were on vacation from school for a while. 

During these last few weeks, I have applied myself to study for the classes that I truly need to understand the subject. This usually takes up to 5 hours. Although a lack of motivation has been a con, actually sitting down and studying has been a pro. Most of my days are filled with studying for classes because I have realized that it’s hard for me to learn through lectures online, so I have to teach myself the subject. As the semester ends, I reflect on how different things are from the beginning of the semester to the end. Although many things have changed, I have realized how important it is to still work from home towards our goals.

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