Class of 2020 – The Missing Year BY: Daniel Luna

Let’s be blunt, this is not like how things ended in High School Musical 3, it’s even worse. There’ll be no singing dancing or giant party, in fact, we might not even have graduation at all. Such is the fate of all the seniors such as myself who have to give up all their senior activities due to the current pandemic, which might not seem like much but to us it’s everything. To think that I might have walked my school halls and seen my friends as high schoolers for the very last time; that we will never be able to celebrate and feel the joy spread as we share our college decisions. We won’t get the chance to feel special, and walk on the stage as our family rejoices in the audience, or be able to dance the night away with all our friends at prom. This has taken a toll on many, who now are left with feelings of regret, thinking “I should’ve done this or that”. But it’s now more than ever that we have to stay united and support one another, go the extra mile in order to combat all the negativity the pandemic has caused. Call one another, video chat, host online parties, rejoice in whatever way we can, because no matter what we are still the class of 2020, and should be proud to be able to make it to such an important turning stone in our lives and keep progressing amidst corona. We did it, and nothing can take that away from us!

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