Quarantine at Home BY: Nafi Billah

Quarantine sucks, I hate it here… in my room that is. It was not always like this (obviously) I used to actually like my room a lot but I got so tired of seeing the same thing over and over for almost two months now. I just wanna get out and play some basketball to be honest. I love video games, (of course) I can play 2k or GTA all day everyday but even that gets boring. At this point the only reason I play is to have some social interactions with my friends. Games are fun but when I have so much more time to play it I just do not want to anymore. I got so bored of doing the same thing that I started taking up cooking. While I’m focusing on cooking, classes in college got even more stressful because in all honesty I got a little lazy and ended up missing class here and there. It’s hard to stay on top of my classes at home because at this point it does not even feel like I’m in class. I could be getting called to eat right in the middle of a lecture or my sister would just barge in my room and show me some random funny Tik Tok, the seriousness was just slowly drained out. Then there are the constant internet issues (my house never had a good internet) so it is so hard to even stay connected to a zoom call with my professors on weekdays. I mean the quarantine is not all that bad, I get to spend time with the family playing games like heads up or monopoly and have movie nights again. It is very rare for my family to all be home at the same time, everyone always has work or class so there is always someone missing at home ( I have not seen my brother in months before the quarantine and he lives with me)  but for the past few weeks because of quarantine I was actually able to have some family time with everyone and actually see peoples faces more. Although it is amazing to see my family I do still want to also see my friends and go to the movies or ice skating or even the park. I attempted to take a walk around the park near my house just to get some air and breathe but even that was closed they even took down the basketball rims so no ball anytime soon. So there is literally nothing anyone can do outside rather than walk around. In the house it’s pretty boring too, seeing the family is great and fun but I am sick of playing monopoly every night (my brother cheats in that game), we are running out of things to do. At this point I’m just running through old episodes of tv shows I watched as a kid to keep myself entertained until this whole lock down is over.

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