A College Experience BY: Nafi Billah

First-year of college, not exactly what I expected it to be. I knew stepping into college would be very different from high school but I did not know what I was doing at all. Jumping right into college was a little confusing. I did not know where the buildings were located and the classes itself was not at all like what I was used to. High School was a given schedule with a uniform policy and most of the organization was done by your advisor or your teachers, the location was simple…. All of the classes were on the same floor. I had to travel almost two blocks just to get to my Electrical Circuits class. In high school, I did not have any control at all of what classes I could be in. Now, there is so much more control but some days I found myself staying in college from 9 in the morning all the way to 9 at night… I started applying for classes really late (don’t do that) that’s why I did not have the ‘best’ schedule. Ignoring those minor setbacks, I learned so much and made so many new friends that are diverse in more ways than one. I met a girl from Egypt as well as a Ukraine guy from my Electrical Circuits class which was pretty fascinating. In my high school, I never had much diversity… in fact my coding teacher and I were the only Bengali people in that whole school (or at least from what I’ve noticed). I was given a lot more freedom to do things that I wanted in college. Over my first year of college I was able to be free with my friends and go places like bowling, ice skating, and sometimes other college events. I tried so many new restaurants but most days I would eat Mc Donald’s or Burger King (I just prefer fast food ). Going into college was the definition of walking into my stretch zone, everything I did was something entirely new because I did not do much in high school. Even though my schedule was a little bit chaotic I was still able to manage just fine and keep my stress level at a minimum, classes were tough though because the professors are nothing like my teachers in high school. High School teachers felt more patient but college professors are always on the move. The professors allow time to ask questions and I think that should be fully taken advantage of, if I did not understand something I would usually keep quiet but in college, I had to stay on top of it because if that question was not answered at that moment than the next few lessons will be so confusing because the professors rarely ever review old lessons. Most of my classes were not too crazy though, it was actually fun even. I love learning new things, there’s always something new in the world and discovering it is the best part… that’s what college is all about to me, a big discovery and I’m still learning new things about both my classes and the world around me.

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