10 Self Care Tips: Quarantine Edition by Denice Ocana

Staying inside for months on end may be difficult, especially while the whole world outside your front doors seems like it’s straight out of a movie. Yet after your morning coffee, orange juice, or simply just a cup of water, you have to focus on how you may be able to help yourself. For that, here is this short concise list of 10 ways you can help keep your head on your shoulders. Enjoy!

  1. Stay hydrated. 
  • While at home you may be sitting in front of your computer, TV, or phone for hours on end. While there, keep some water next to you. Your body keeps you going so make sure you keep it hydrated for those non-stop meetings! Here are some apps on ios and android to help you along the way: 

‎Plant Nanny² on the App Store & Aloe Bud – Self-Care Pocket Companion   

2. Stepping away from technology. 

  • Looking straight at a screen isn’t the best thing, your eyes may dry out and get tired, causing you to have headaches. You can help these by giving yourself some breaks in between binge-watching that new series you found, working on those essays, or finishing up some work. Whatever you may be doing on that screen that you’re currently on, give your body a break and stretch!  

3. Go outside.

With your PPE, you can safely step outside for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Go on a stroll to the deli, pick up some new snacks, essential groceries, while obeying social distancing rules, of course. Take your time walking back home and enjoy it!

4. Maintenance.

It can be difficult; I know it has been for me, but making a schedule and attempting to stick to it is better than not trying. Give yourself brownie points for this one! Make a routine that includes bedtimes, wake-up times, times to go on a walk, etc. Whatever you may want to achieve in a regular quarantine day, include it.

5. Take care of your mind.

  • The human brain is powerful, there’s nothing like it. To keep my mind peaceful I try breathing techniques, such as breathing in for 3 seconds, holding it in for 5, and breathing out for 7 seconds technique. Also, I listen to ASMR while doing homework, regular work, or even before I go to sleep. Here are some ASMR videos on YouTube: 

ASMR: This Will Help Your Panic / Anxiety Attack (Hand Movements, Tapping, etc)  ASMR- Guided Meditation For Sleep + Relaxation 

6. Connect with friends.

To some of us, we feel it is best to keep our struggles to ourselves and deal with things on our own. As I grew up, I realized that communicating with others is key when it comes to one’s mental health. Keeping in touch with friends that you’re used to seeing every day in school, work, or those you lost touch with, will help with those regular everyday interactions we’ve all been missing. 

7. Family.

Whether you are quarantined at home alone or with your family, reaching out to family from across the hall or over the phone can keep that connection alive. Watch a movie together, eat meals together, or have a 15-minute call with them. 

8. Support.

  • You are not alone, you may be physically but spiritually you are not. There are hotlines available for you in times of need, there also support groups and 1 on 1 therapy sessions you can have during quarantine. Here is a link with various resources available ranging from emotional to food support:

Resources for Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic  New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center (“NYPCC”)

9. New hobbies.

  • Whether it be gardening, knitting, coloring, painting, drawing, or learning a new language, it can help keep you busy while stuck at home bored. You can use this time to learn new skills as well, there’s loads of information on YouTube but here are some links to classes: 



10. Journaling.

  • Whether it be at the beginning on your day, or at the end of your day just to reflect and wrap up, journaling is a good way to keep your mind at ease. Releasing your stress onto a piece of paper can help lift away the weight on your shoulders from all things going on at once in your life. You can journal on your phone, on a notebook, or even recording voice notes onto your device. Whatever helps. Here are some of our favorites: 

Knock Knock® Journals & Notebooks | KnockKnockStuff.com

Dotted Bullet Grid Journal – Amazon 

Wreck This Journal, Duct Tape Edition – Amazon   

Sime Spiral Notebook – Etsy 

I hope these 10 self-care tips may help you, not only in quarantine but in life after quarantine as well. Stay healthy & safe, thank you for reading!

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