My Dream World by Ayden Baskerville

My dream for this world is that one day there would be no more disparities between one another. I hope we see each other as equal, especially women and other marginalized groups in our society. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for racial equality in our society. MLK has inspired me to advocate for equal treatment of all humans regardless of their identities.

We have a massive impact on our world by simply acknowledging the fact that racism is taught not inherited. These racist perspectives can be dismantled and unlearned by educating ourselves and not internalizing hate in our heart. Discrimination and prejudice fuel stigmas about different groups. These negative views cause division and inferiority of marginalized groups. Racial equality is important to me. Racial equality is when all groups of different races and ethnic backgrounds get the same treatment and opportunities to advance in their education and the workforce regardless of how they look. The world has been swallowed up by stigmas and stereotypes which has created more social issues such as the mistreatment of people from the LGBTQ community.

My dream is for a world where we can be who we want to be without feeling pressure from society’s norms. There are still some people out there who still aren’t accepted by their parents or friends because of what they identify themselves as. We are all trying to survive in this world. We are living through difficult times and need to be more in unity than never before. We need to break down barriers that are causing division and hate. It is very important to dream about change because that’s the only way we can evolve and become better human beings. Dreaming of change can motivate all of us to want to advocate for social issues affecting the world. We can break down negative stigma such as young men can’t cry and have to be strong, and show no emotion. We can allow people to express their feelings, emotions, and struggles without judgment. Let’s make this a better world for all and our future generations.

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