BE AN ALLY- How to help fight Anti-Asian Racism by Claudemir Seneus

This past year we’ve experienced some tumultuous events throughout our nation.

The widespread of the corona virus took us all by surprise and we were forced to adjust to a new way of life. As the year 2020 progressed, we also witnessed our country succumbing to the battle of racial injustice. So needless to say it has been tough on everyone:  from small businesses, to educators, students, parents, churches, minority groups, low in-come households and etc. 

What Are The Numbers

As we reflect on these moments of racial inequality it’s necessary to also draw our attention to the rise of violence towards the Asian Community in the last couple of months. Stop AAPI Hate, a non-profit organization  brings light to discirmination incidents and hate crimes against the Asian and Pacific Islanders in the USA. This organization  has reported that between March 2020 and February 2021 there have been approximately 4,000 incidents of hate, attacks and dicrimination towards Asian Americans.  An Analysis released by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, examined hate crimes in 16 of America’s largest cities and they discovered: that although hate crimes decreased by 7 percent as a majority, hate crimes targeting the Asian communities only have increased (NBCNews).  This has negatively impacted those in the Asian communities, as they report feeling, “worried that they or their parents might be harassed or attacked”(Komo News). Their worries are completely valid and understandable. Did you know that violence towards Asians has been estimated to have increased by almost 150%? Violence shouldn’t be condoned regardless of who the victim is, but these statistics are alarming. We must break the silence and utilize our power to speak and empower the Asian community!

How Can We Help?

We may come in all different shades, sizes and backgrounds but we bleed the same color. If one of us is in pain, we all are in pain. This issue is a humanitarian conflict that seeks to divide and destroy us. We need to be sensitive to the grief of our neighbors and support them during this challenging times. 

So, how can you be an ally to the Asian Community throughout this time?

For more suggestions be sure to visit the sites down below. 

  1. One way you can support the Asian community is by donating to organizations that focus on spreading awareness towards Asian violence. ‘Armed Security Guards for Oakland ChinaTown’, ‘Hate Is A Virus’, ‘Asians Americans Advancing Justice’ are just a few of the organizations you can consider donating to. 
  2.  Education is key! We must educate ourselves and unlearn the biases and implicit racism we’ve acquired. Reading books written by Asian authors or learning historical facts from documentaries are a great place to begin. 
  3.  Support Asian businesses for racial equity and inclusion. Why not support your local Asian businesses while you’re at it. Use your buying power as a consumer to  really express your support.
  4. Refrain from racist slurs and labeling the CoronaVirus as the “China Flu”. These speech patterns are believed to have had an impact on the increase of Asian violence during the pandemic. Words are powerful and we should spread kindness and positivity to end the hate exisiting in our world today.
  5. You can organize within your community district attorneys to create solutions to this crisis and hold criminal activities accountable. Community based programs such as, Compassion In Oakland, have been created to protect the most vulnearble community members. This program ensures that Asian-American elders are escorted from place to place so that they can feel safe.
  6. Advocacy is an important component of your allyship. Get Involved in demonstrations and rallies to speak out against racism. Use your social media platforms to raise awareness and share resources.
  7. Speak Out! Stand Up! When witnessing a racist act, you can help by being an active bystander. You can be successful at this by: offering the victim support and speaking out against hate and discriminitation. Follow the NYC motto, “If you see something, say something!” In unity, we can combat hate together!



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