The moment I read the email offering me a spot at YASI, I grew extremely thrilled at the thought of having my first internship. And now here I am, week 6 of YASI. This has been such a memorable and incredible experience. Coming to work has truly been a pleasure.  Every weekday for the past 6 weeks I’ve had a worthy reason to get out of bed in the morning and put myself together, especially on Fridays when I got to see everyone in person. I really hope when I grow up and become a successful attorney, writer, or therapist/social worker, I will wake up as happy as I am now. Despite this internship being primarily through zoom, I still enjoyed sitting in the same place for hours.  Jenny and Karen and the fellow interns were all welcoming, friendly, and accepting. The contents of this internship are not only thought evoking and interesting, but important. Jenny, Karen, and the various presenters that would make appearances would discuss ongoing social-issues that sometimes aren’t discussed or widely known. 

Overall, YASI surpassed my expectations. I didn’t expect to feel so satisfied with myself after this internship. I created a campaign and became more socially equipped in the midst of a pandemic! I feel extremely accomplished. I can’t lie, I already heard so many positive things about this program through my sister who’s a YASI alumni.. I surged into this program with the knowledge that my bosses would be the nicest, I will make friends, and learn about social justice issues. And I left this program agreeing with my initial thesis. If you are a future Youth Advocacy Summer Institute Intern, I hope you cherish every second of this internship. 

Check Out Amisha’s YASI Campaign: Inequity in Court

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