My overall experience at YASI has been great and exceeded my expectations. My first thoughts were this is going to be a long period of boring work. I thought it was going to be a miserable summer. But in fact it was the opposite! It was so much fun to be in a family environment. Not only did YASI teach us about advocacy and different topics, YASI also taught us about group work. We were able to work with 2 to 3 people on a social justice topic of our choice. In addition, our group was able to talk and have amazing discussions about issues impacting our communities. Now that I think about it and it makes me laugh is the fact that I never bother to check the time when I was with this group. I wanted the day to last longer because it was that good of a group.

My highlight of the program was working on my social campaign with Amisha and Genesis. My social campaign experience, I think it met my expectations. I knew my topic on criminal justice was worth  advocating for. I saw how my group was determined and I loved that!! I was in the criminal justice group. We were passionate about raising awareness of the inequities in the justice system. Working with my group has taught me a lot about expressing my ideas and also giving everyone a chance to express themselves. It also gave me a glimpse into being able to work with a team again since we weren’t able to during the pandemic. The hybrid model helped us bond and make better connections during the development of our project.

I am also thankful for Karen and Jenny because they made this whole experience super fun. They made it hard to remember that it was actually a job due to their passion and efforts in making these lessons fun and educational for us. Overall the experience at YASI was great and I hope more people are able to experience this! I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Email | inequityincourtcorps@gmail.com
Instagram | @inequityincourt
Linktree | linktr.ee/Inequityincourt

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