My Take on 2021: Did It Break Or Make Me? By – Zakearah Young

My 2021 was a rollercoaster of emotions. I entered the year still trying to wrap my head around what happened in 2020 and all the changes I had to adapt to. The first two months of 2021 were okay but as March approached it got harder for me as my mother’s birthday was coming up and she wasn’t here to celebrate it with us. April was a smooth month for me, I was enjoying myself and talking with family to see how we want to celebrate my mother’s one-year anniversary the following month. Then May came, and it was extremely hard for me but I pushed through it and remained strong.

It was ok going back to school but the new rules that were implemented made me feel weird. It was like I was in a clumped space where I had to wear my mask for 8 hours. Besides that, I was excited about being back because I was finally able to get out of the house, get some fresh air, get to see my friends again, and be able to laugh along with them. 

This year I have accomplished several goals. My first accomplishment for me this year was finally writing a book/short story which I’ve been holding back on writing and publishing. My second accomplishment is that I started two clubs in my school for youth, a safe space for them to come and talk to anyone. The third accomplishment is that I learned how to control my anger and not let certain things get under my skin. Lastly, this year I was able to make money and somewhat learned how to save it for myself. I can definitely thank EXALT for that.

I have several goals for next year. One of them involves me getting a stable job and being able to help with my siblings. Another goal I have is to get more high school credits and be able to apply to colleges and get into my dream college. My third goal is that I want to get closer to my dreams of owning my own car and apartment. My fourth goal is moving closer to my career of becoming a criminal justice attorney and looking for more opportunities for myself.I want to become a motivational speaker for younger and older generations. My final goal is to not wait until the last minute to complete tasks that are given to me.

For anyone that is reading this my message to you: What doesn’t break you makes you stronger and I can proudly say 2021 proved to me that I can overcome anything!

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