The Watcher by Darcie G

The world is filled with regrets and sorrows 

She feels it as she watches from the  sidelines in silence

The girl with the beautiful hair is broken.

The man with the beard is angry

The little girl is happy

She feels the crowd as they walk without sense of purpose

She knows faces with masks on 

She recognizes expressions 

She hears when it’s silent 

She cries when they cry

All while she’s breaking inside and suffering 

The girl in the mirror that she sees 

She no longer recognizes her own emotions

She’s an empath 

She loves it 

She’s numb 

She watches in pain and in silence

She’s no longer the watcher!

She’s the seeker of strength and hope

The world lacks compassion and empathy

She hopes to see more people liberated

from the masks that they hide behind

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