Optimistic By: Anjali Temal

It is March 15th, 2020. Earlier today, while sitting in the car, my family and I heard Governor Cuomo announce on the radio that NYC public schools would be closing, possibly until April 20th, meaning more than a month without school. Upon hearing the announcement, I felt strange, not particularly happy or sad, just in […]

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My Passion for Advocacy

The lessons I’ve learned at YASI are lessons that I have taken with me into my life and spread through my communities, at school, and at home. At school, I am the co-president of a club called History for Action. In this club, we facilitate conversations on current issues and their historic parallels. Learning about […]

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My Life After YASI

In the short time passed upon completing the Youth Advocacy Summer Institute program, also known as YASI, I have really grown and excelled both professionally and personally. YASI allowed me to gain experience in the field of social services and opened pathways for me to further excel. During my time with YASI, I attended an […]

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Opening to Love

At 9 years old, I was told I would be moving in with my grandparents. I was upset, confused, and grieving for my old home upstate in the mountains, regardless of how unsafe and unstable it was. I resented my grandparents for not being my biological parents.  My grandparent’s old school parenting style where emotions […]

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