Dreaming of Racial Equality By Sadiq Hall

Discrimination impacts our world today. Racial equality means equal rights regardless of your race. There are many ways to oppress people from minority groups. Redlining is one example of discrimination. Redlining is the discriminatory practice that puts fininancial services out of reach for residents of certain neighborhoods based on race or ethnicity. These practices are unfair as they impede economic advancement of minority groups. We need to advocate for racial equality and remove these practices that cause division in our society.  We need to move forward and seek change that promotes eqaulity for all.

My dream world would be a world with equal access to education and better opportunities to grow. Where life isn’t stressful. Where people don’t have to worry about basic needs such as food and shelter. A world where you can be yourself without judgement.  It is important to dream of change because if nothing changes, nothing gets better. I dream that our generation will make it possible for racial equality in our society.

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