I was unsure as to what exactly I was going to do at YASI when I got paired with this organization. I knew it had to do with advocacy and that in previous years, it was held in Brooklyn. I also saw that they had a lawyer come here and I thought it might be more law heavy and definitely much more outreach if it had been in person. However, I also thought that having a lawyer come would be very interesting. I envisioned lots of debates advocating for either side of several issues.

YASI did meet my expectations. Although it wasn’t as law-heavy or as full of outreach, I still enjoyed every part of this program. I liked that we had Jenn (YAC Founder) come to talk to us because it was really interesting to get a lawyer’s perspective on some issues and what she does as that is something that I am considering for a future career. Although we weren’t able to do outreach for safety purposes, I think that it was still great being able to think of other deliverables and what the experience could have possibly been like. I really like the way that we got to incorporate debates and I was able to argue with different people each time on completely different issues. I liked all of the speakers that we had in general, I like that it was very informative and overall, that work didn’t even seem like work. I got very chill vibes from the beginning and I think that this cohort made it even easier to feel comfortable in this work environment.

I enjoyed my campaign experience. It was really different from the last social justice project that I did before YASI because I was able to work with somebody who identified more like me and we were able to quickly agree on many of the same things. I found that we were pretty comfortable with each other and were clear on what we wanted to accomplish through our campaign and it was nice to have a smooth work experience. I think part of this is also due to the fact that it was only two of us rather than a large group of people where we have to be sure to include everyone’s opinions and take their ideas into consideration. I also like that this wasn’t an idea that was thought of before and the partner that I got paired up with had a lot to do with choosing this topic since I took interest in this idea when I heard her mention it because I myself didn’t know much about this issue as a whole.

Overall, and looking back to my initial blog post, I would have to agree that YASI was a great experience, I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are interested and the speakers didn’t fail to amaze me!

Check Out Janely’s YASI Campaign: [IN] Accessible Flow

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